The sun is shining, the grass is brown and the little bits of snow left are black and crusty…spring is here! It sounds gross but really, I’ll settle for 5 degrees with rain this time of year happily. The “market” has been busy and is getting busier, especially in the city core. Prices are steadily rising, inventory is low, demand is high and governments are meddling. There is no right or wrong answer when people ask me how the “market” is doing: my response is usually “tell me what you’re specifically looking for and I’ll tell you about it.” There are too many factors to talk about the “market” overall: however, since I’m always asked to sum it up, I typically say “there is more demand than supply.” The causes for this imbalance are many: planning and development lapses; land transfer tax; capital gains; foreign investment; bad real estate agents; people with more money than sense…the list goes on. I’m working with several buyers right now and we’re seeing multiple offer situations on a regular basis, especially in the single family detached segment: families are growing and need room to expand. Want to learn more about what’s going on in your neighbourhood? Call or email me and we’ll sit down for a coffee and a chat.