Local, national and international exposure

I have developed a unique and powerful approach to listing, marketing and selling my clients’ homes.

Our listing marketing program has been developed with the knowledge that today’s purchase decisions are not based solely upon a property’s   location and physical attributes. Decisions to buy are triggered by the overall benefits of owning and living in a very specific home.

A major benefit is the lifestyle that would be fulfilled by living there. Factors such as a home’s neighbourhood, shops, schools, parks, etc. help formulate the benefit model.

What type of people would want to call this property home? Who better to know than its current owner?

I collaborate with my clients to identify each home’s benefits and establish an appropriate target market. Sage’s in-house marketing team then crafts a message utilizing those benefits to attract those buyers and then executes a multifaceted marketing campaign to reach those individuals.

A simple, compelling strategy that works.

The appropriate message must be effectively delivered to and received by the target group. Because more than 92% of buyers now search online, that is where Sage concentrates its efforts, but doesn’t ignore some of the traditional tactics that we know to be time tested and true.

Sage’s robust marketing program exposes its clients’ homes locally, nationally and internationally to amass the greatest pool of targeted, potential buyers. Exposure has now become key. No single salesperson can effectively do this alone.

Sage’s in-house team of professional Graphic Designers and Marketers accept the responsibility of executing the marketing program for every Sage listing.